External partners

Following people are not funded by the projet but are actively contributing to it:

Michael Brown

Department of Geology, University of Maryland
My collaboration relates to geodynamic modelling, particularly in respect of geological constraints on the evolution of mantle convection, secular change in the mechanisms and rates of production and recycling of continental crust, the cause and timing of the stabilization of large-scale subduction and the emergence of plate tectonics, and factors controlling the secular evolution of plate tectonics during the Proterozoic and Phanerozoic.
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Claude Herzberg

My collaboration consists of using PRIMELT software to constrain the thermal properties of that mantle that melted to yield the melt inclusion compositions as measured by Professor Alex Sobolev and his team.
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Axel Hofmann

University of Johannesburg
Collaboration on aspects of field-based research in Archaean Geology

Alina Koshlyakova

Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Distribution of trace elements between olivine and melt; high-temperature experiments, including homogenization of melt inclusions in olivine.
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Maxim Portnyagin

Melt inclusions in olivine with focus on volatile components.
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Igor S. Puchtel

University of Maryland

Trond Helge Torsvik

Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, University of Oslo
Earth history, paleogeography and geodynamics
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